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How To Integrate a Video Editor Flutter Plugin In Your Mobile App

Cross-platform frameworks help build mobile apps faster. Using specialized SDKs further speeds up the development process, as they provide a ready-to-use functionality in a convenient package. In this article, we will explore the step-by-step process of seamlessly integrating a video editor Flutter plugin into your mobile application.
How to integrate a video editor Flutter plugin



  • Banuba Video Editor SDK is a ready-made video editor that you can quickly integrate into your mobile app;
  • It has a sample version (demo app that you can modify and expand its features) and a plugin (customizable, but no new features can be added);
  • Integrating a video editor Flutter plugin usually takes under an hour and requires following the guide on GitHub.

What is Video Editor SDK?

Banuba Video Editor SDK is a toolkit for creating engaging content popular on social media like TikTok. You can get it “off the shelf” and integrate with your app in a few hours or even a few minutes, depending on your specific situation. 

It lets users add filters, video effects, music on top of their video, create and animate Stories, change backgrounds in video, and then upload or share the results.

Use cases

  • Social media apps. Short videos are the name of the game right now, and Video Editor SDK is tailored to making such content.
  • eCommerce. Let your users quickly shoot unboxing videos or product reviews, helping you to engage consumers and increase conversion rates. 
  • Video communications/live streaming. Video Editor SDK has everything necessary to record streams or calls and edit them for clarity or wow-effect.
  • eLearning. Enable the creation of microlearning content or brief and specific lessons.
  • Photo/video editing apps. Expand the capabilities of your app with rare and well-designed features.

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Notable features

Banuba Video Editor SDK (both as a sample and as a video editor Flutter plugin) has plenty of functionalities.

However, some of them warrant a closer look.


User’s journey starts with the Recording screen. It contains the main controls and allows capturing the footage, setting the timer, etc.


Video tweaking features available on the recording stage:

  • Beauty filters
  • Color filters (LUTs)
  • Music
  • Recording speed
  • Flashlight
  • Timer
  • Mute 

Video Editing

Users can modify the freshly-recorded footage or select a clip from their library. The editing screen contains video effects, Snapchat-like masks, text, GIF overlays and voice modification features to name but a few. 

The timeline makes it easy to organize the add-ons. Whatever the user adds to the video, be that effects, GIF, text or music is shown on the timeline and has its adjustable length.

Video editing features:

  • Trimming
  • Adding music
  • Voice changer
  • Color filters (LUTs)
  • Text and GIF overlays
  • TikTok-like video effects
  • Slow-mo and fast forward
  • Snapchat-like masks

The finished video can be exported or shared. 

After editing, the user can export a video file or share it. The format and resolutions vary. You can also add a watermark to your app. 


AI clipping

AI clipping makes creating stunning videos easy even for people who never had to edit a single second of footage. Neural networks automatically detect the important parts of several clips, combine them, and add transition effects. The user can then enhance the video with more filters, change something, or generate a new video. 

This feature raises the amount of user-generated content, as well as session time, engagement, and user retention. 

Auto-generated captions

Over 80% of all videos on mobile are watched in silent mode. This means people will likely skip content without subtitles, as turning on the sound is inconvenient. But manually creating captions is tedious and time-consuming. That’s where a speech recognition AI comes in handy. It automatically adds subtitles, and the user can then edit them, as well as change the font size and color. 

Background replacement

This feature allows cutting out the person in the video and replacing everything else with a static image, a video, or a GIF. Virtual backgrounds don’t need green screens to work, which makes them convenient and accessible for everyone. 

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Sample vs Plugin

Banuba offers two distribution options for Video Editor SDK on Flutter: a sample and a video editor Flutter plugin. Both provide the same features. However, there are differences.

Traditionally, Video Editor SDK was distributed as a sample – a demo app with plenty of documentation for all its features. The customer’s developers could modify it however they wanted or add more features. This option is still available and fits the companies that have a team of skilled developers who understand both native and cross-platform coding.

A plugin is the recently added version. It is quick to integrate and lets customers tweak its existing features in various ways. However, adding a new feature requires updating the plugin itself, which can only be done by the original developer team. Customers can send their requests, and eventually these functionality will be added in the standard package.

Plugin works best for companies that don’t need any additional features for their video editor or the ones that don’t have a skilled development team. 

How To Integrate a Video Editor Flutter Plugin

You can get the plugin and test all the features during the 14-day free trial (no credit card required). 

The first step is simple: fill in the contact form below.

Get Video Editor SDK for Your App  Get Free Trial

You will receive a unique trial token that you’ll need to launch the plugin.

To integrate it, follow the updated instructions on our GitHub page.


Banuba Video Editor SDK is a full-fledged short-form content creation suite for mobile devices. When it comes to cross-platform frameworks, it is distributed as a sample (demo app) and a plugin. The former option is more customizable and allows adding new features. Video editor Flutter plugin is much easier to integrate, but only enables modifying the existing functionality. You can integrate it in under an hour and try it for 14 days at no cost.