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How To Integrate a Video Editor React Native Plugin in your Mobile App

The main reason companies choose cross-platform frameworks is to speed up the development. It only makes sense to use SDKs to quickly implement certain features and shorten the time-to-market further.  In this article, we will explore the step-by-step process of seamlessly integrating a video editor React Native plugin into your mobile application.



  • Banuba Video Editor SDK is a ready-made video editor that you can quickly integrate into your mobile app;
  • It has a sample version (demo app that you can modify and expand its features) and a plugin (customizable, but no new features can be added);
  • Integrating a video editor React Native plugin usually takes under an hour and requires following the guide on GitHub.

What is Video Editor SDK?

Banuba Video Editor SDK (VE SDK) is a premade module containing everything your users need to create and edit modern short-form videos. It is designed to be easy to integrate with an existing app or a project in development, and the entire process usually takes under an hour.

Video Editor SDK lets users add filters, video effects, music on top of their video, create and animate Stories, change backgrounds in video, and then upload or share the results.

Use cases

  • Social media apps. Since TikTok became the most popular social network, almost every other platform implemented short video functionality.
  • eCommerce. Adding the options to film product reviews or unboxing videos raises user engagement and retention. 
  • Video communications/live streaming. While applying filters during the live call/stream is the job for Face AR SDK, Video Editor SDK can help with editing VODs and enhancing them with effects to boost virality.
  • eLearning. VE SDK has everything your users need to create concise but impressive educational videos.
  • Photo/video editing apps. Implement all the video editing features quickly and reliably.

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Notable features

Banuba Video Editor SDK (both as a sample and as a video editor React Native plugin) has plenty of interesting functionalities.

However, some of them are especially important.


The Recording screen is the main one by default, although you can modify the order in your app. It contains the main controls and allows capturing the footage, setting the timer, etc.

img-Article-VE-Interface-Camera-01-2Video editor SDK recording screen

Video tweaking features available on the recording stage:

  • Beauty filters
  • Color filters (LUTs)
  • Music
  • Recording speed
  • Flashlight
  • Timer
  • Mute 

Video Editing

This screen lets users edit the video they just filmed or one selected from the gallery. It contains all the effects arranged in an easy-to-access pattern. It also includes a timeline for convenient placing of filters and straightforward editing.


Video editing features:

  • Trimming
  • Adding music
  • Voice changer
  • Color filters (LUTs)
  • Text and GIF overlays
  • TikTok-like video effects
  • Slow-mo and fast forward
  • Snapchat-like masks

Once the editing is done, the user can export the video or post it on social media. The SDK supports many formats and resolutions to fit the wide variety of use cases. 

AI clipping

AI clipping lets anyone create impressive videos through the power of AI. The user can select several clips. The neural networks will then detect the most important parts of them and put them together while adhering to the beat of the underlying music track. Moreover, they will automatically add transition effects. The user can then edit the clip they’ve got or generate another one.

This feature raises the amount of user-generated content, as well as session time, engagement, and user retention. 

Auto-generated captions

This feature is a must-have if you want the videos made with your app to actually be watched. The vast majority of people don’t turn on sound when browsing something on their mobile phones. This means the videos without subtitles are likely to be ignored. But with a speech recognition AI, creating captions is easy. If the system misheard some words, the user can easily change them, as well as edit font size and color.

Background replacement

This feature allows cutting out the person in the video and replacing everything else with a static image, a video, or a GIF. Virtual backgrounds don’t need green screens to work, which makes them convenient and accessible for everyone. 


Sample vs Plugin

There are two ways to integrate Banuba Video Editor SDK: as a sample and as a video editor React Native plugin. Their feature sets are identical. The differences lie in the customizability and ease of implementation.

Sample is the original option. It is a thoroughly documented demo app with plenty of customization possibilities. Adding new features to it is also relatively easy. However, integrating it requires the developers to be skilled in both native and cross-platform coding.

Plugin, on the other hand, is a recent addition. It is much easier to integrate, while also allowing certain modifications for the features in it. But to add new features to it, the company has to reach out to the vendor and ask for expansion that may or may not come in the next update. 

Plugin works best for companies that don’t need any additional features for their video editor or the ones that don’t have a skilled development team. 

How To Integrate a Video Editor React Native Plugin

You can get the plugin and test all the features during the 14-day free trial (no credit card required). 

The first step is simple: fill in the contact form below.

Get Video Editor SDK for Your App  Get Free Trial

You will receive a unique trial token that you’ll need to launch the plugin.

To integrate it, follow the updated instructions on our GitHub page.


Banuba Video Editor SDK is a full-fledged short-form content creation suite for mobile devices. When it comes to cross-platform frameworks, it is distributed as a sample (demo app) and a plugin. The former option is more customizable and allows adding new features. Video editor Flutter plugin is much easier to integrate, but only enables modifying the existing functionality. You can integrate it in under an hour and try it for 14 days at no cost.