Face AR SDK Release

Face AR SDK v1.6: Better Eyes Segmentation, Improved Rings Try-On, and Effect Combos

The new version of Banuba Face AR SDK is focused on improving the existing features and making them work together in new ways. The upgrades cover eye recoloring, jewelry try-on, virtual backgrounds, video recording, and much more. Read the article to see the full list or enhancements.

Improved Eyes Segmentation (Win, Web, Android)

Banuba’s eyes segmentation neural network is one of the most robust on the market. It is able to detect and modify any part of the eye: the white, the iris, and the pupil separately. Now it’s become even better, with improved color representation and better detection. See the video below.

eyesFace AR SDK: eyes segmentation

Notice the better color representation, the more realistic eye look (retaining the dark circle around the iris), and the more precise tracking.

Finger Selection for Rings (iOS + Android)

You can now choose the finger to place the ring on. Index, middle, ring, and pinky are all available, though thumb will come in later versions. Works for both left and right hands. 

Face AR SDK: finger selection

Background Mode for Effects (iOS)

Your iOS users will now be able to combine various effects with virtual backgrounds. This feature is available on Apple devices and will come to other platforms in the later releases. See the video below for an example.

backgroundA combination of virtual jewelry and a virtual background

Browser Compatibility Check API (Web)

The developers will now find it easier to check whether a certain browser supports the current version of Banuba Face AR SDK. We now supply an HTML file that you can run – if a browser can open it, it will also be able to work with the SDK.

Pause/Play Recording (iOS)

Your users will now be able to record a clip piece-by-piece while using different effects. They could push “play”, record, pause, apply a new filter, and resume video capture. It was already available on Android, now it also works on iOS.

Single-Shot Detector Updade

A Single-Shot Detector is Banuba’s proprietary technology that allows our SDKs to quickly locate a person’s face in the photo, video, or camera feed. It doesn’t support iOS 12 anymore, as fewer than 1% of Apple device users have this OS installed. This allowed us to decrease the size of the SDK and make it more stable. 

Bug Fixes

  • bnb_UVMORPH texture
  • Broken face texture when using brows correctors
  • Missed background in gltf_avatar effect
  • iOS: MSAA crashed iOS, Crash on Makeup
  • Android: Flipped up effect test_touch_gestures
  • MacOS: Video processig on MacOS
  • WebAR: Token caused crash of WebAR
  • Win: Missed UI in viewer, Spamming error messages during processing
  • Unity: Unity Android crash
  • OEP: Background video mode in OEP

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