7 Virtual Jewelry Try Ons To Wear Jewelry In 3D

AR has gained a foothold in e-commerce and retail. Virtual try on for glasses and makeup has gone success with more and more brands bringing in “the magic mirror experience” to consumers. Does the augmented reality jewelry segment keep up? Spoiler. It does not.

banuba virtual jewelry try on software preview

The existing jewelry apps claim to provide the virtual try-on experience but in practice, most of them are just the photo selfie dress-up. Better than nothing still. Besides, it paves the way for the virtual jewelry try on software that allows for a real-time experience.

Banuba virtual try on software demo

In the meantime, we’ve shortlisted 7 virtual jewelry try on apps that allow wearing rings, earrings, and necklaces with augmented reality or in 3D.

Best virtual jewelry try ons for iOS + Android

#1. CaratLane Virtual Try On for earrings

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 14.50.37CaratLane - A Tanishq Partner App Store screenshots

CaratLane is the biggest online jewelry company in India with over a 10-year presence on the market. The jewelry retailer was among the first who launched its mobile app with facial detection and 3D imaging technology to allow consumers to wear earrings virtually.

The app brought a significant boost in sales specifically among millennials. In 2018, the 40% of CaratLane’s business was coming from the AR-powered app, as the founder reported in his interview.

How does CaratLane Virtual Try On work?

  1.  Pick the earrings from the catalog
  2.  Press the try-on button
  3.  Record your left-right face preview
  4.  Adjust earrings position with dots
  5.  Try virtual earring by rotating the 3D gif


  • Fats virtual try-on setting up
  • Thousands of earrings to try
  • Share looks to Facebook, Whatsapp or Email


  • No possibility to zoom earrings when trying virtually
  • Not realistic color transfer on Android

Download: iOS, Android

#2. Lologem Jewelry Virtual App for earrings

 Lologem virtual try on App Store screens

  App Store screens

Established in 2017, Lologem is a small Korean jewelry seller whose main area of focus goes to earrings. It’s known for its mobile app that provides a truly revolutionary real-time jewelry try-on experience.

Compared to most of the other apps, this virtual try on is built on face tracking technology that allows wearing the virtual earrings not just in photo or gif, but see the right in your camera through augmented reality. Even though now, the accuracy of the earnings position needs improvement, this experience outpaces all the above mentioned virtual try-on solutions for earrings.

How does Lologem Jewelry Virtual App work?

  1. Browse catalog and pick the item
  2. Would you like to try it? - hell yes
  3. Click on try on earrings in real-time and see them live!


  • Real-time jewelry try on via AR
  • Automatic face tracking
  • Change distance and see different looks
  • Realistic size and colors


  • Inaccurate position of earings
  • Virtual items are detached and hanging in the air what makes it hard to estimate the length of the earrings you try
  • Not many items to try

Download: iOS, Android

#3. MirrAR Jewellery Try-on for earring and necklaces

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 14.08.26mirrAR - AR Jewellery try-on Play Market screenshots

Another example of a real-time virtual try on application for earrings and necklaces is mirrAR app. You can compare and browse through the inventory of jewelers across the country. And to see how the items look on you, you need just launch the camera.

The app has a built-in face beautification effect that smooth your skin and improves lighting, so all you need is just enjoy watching yourself wearing the virtual jewelry.

How does mirrAR Jewellery try-on work?

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 13.57.10mirrAR - AR Jewellery try-on App Store screenshots

  1. The camera launches at the start
  2. Pick earrings and necklaces to try in 3D and shop right from the app
  3. Take selfies and save your fave looks.


  • Real-time jewelry try on via AR
  • Automatic face tracking
  • Built-in beautification


  • Slow performance

#4. Laura Lively Try On Necklaces

Laura Lively LLC, a jewelry company selling necklaces, earrings, and accessories gives its consumers an opportunity to see how necklaces look right on them via the photo-based jewelry try on mobile app, released back in 2016.

How does Laura Lively Try On Necklaces work?

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 14.12.52Laura Lively Try On Necklaces App Store screenshots

  1. Take a photo or choose the model
  2. Pick “try on” feature
  3. Adjust your photo and/or necklace
  4. Save favorites and share via Social Media, Text Message or Email


  • Easy necklace adjustment by using the touch screen
  • Clean and user-friendly UI


  • Only photo-based try on
  • No automatic face detection

#5. Diamond Hedge Live AR for rings

App Store screens Diamond hedge try on

 App Store screens

Diamond Hedge is the AR-empowered platform that combines over 1 million diamonds from top brands that you can browse, compare, try on using augmented reality and, eventually, shop for the one you like right from the mobile app.

The hand tracking technology allows for real-time virtual ring try-on experience which is smooth and convenient.

How does Diamond Hedge Live AR work?

  1. Brows and compare rings
  2. Pick the one you like
  3. Launch the camera and see it right on your finger.


  • Real-time ring try on experience
  • Over 1 million diamonds to compare


  • iOS only

Download: iOS

#6. Shop4Rings virtual try on for rings

App Store screens shop4rings try on

 App Store screens

Choosing your engagement ring is a daunting task. Not anymore with the virtual ring try on app Shop4Rings. The app stores over 300 rings featured in Amazon and Kobelli edition at the most popular US online stores. And with the Try On feature based on hand scanning, you can wear any ring right on your finger using augmented reality technology.

Download: iOS

#7. LookRev Jewelry Fashion Virtual Try On

App Store screens LookRev try on

 App Store screens

LookRev is visual product design, virtual outfit and shopping network. Using the LookRev mobile app, you can browse jewelry, take a selfie and add the item you like to your photo.

Download: iOS

Summing up

With optimistic prediction made, innovative techs launched and big names taking interest in virtual try ons, the following years are going to be hailed as the age of AR commerce.

Revenue in the jewelry segment amounts to US $18.6Bn in 2019, with the market predicted to grow annually by 0.9%. The market expects more brands giving a whirl to jewelry try on apps and web plugins enabled through real-time face tracking and augmented reality. 

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