Web AR

Web AR

Build immersive AR experiences in your web-browser with our streamlined Web AR kit.

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Web-based Augmented Reality

Leverage our powerful Face Tracking SDK to deliver real-time browser-based AR experiences including product try-ons and background filters.

Webcam Face Filters

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Core AR functionality including accurate facial animations. 

Extensive catalogue of high-quality assets to drive user retention rates


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Seamlessly integrate try-on features via Javascript onto any store webpage.

Explore customer engagement possibilities with different products including glasses, jewellery, and hats. 

Glasses virtual try-on SDK.

Jewelry virtual try-on SDK.

Virtual Makeup

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Modernize your online store by offering users find their perfect cosmetic products before purchasing.

Drive customer conversion rates with our beauty-AR which lets you combine looks and suggest personalised makeup recommendations.

Discover Tint - web-based makeup try-on application.


Hair Color

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Our robust SDK makes augmenting hair colour a natural and entertaining experience for your users.

Background Changer

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Effortlessly hide that pile of laundry in your background with our powerful SDK.

Integrate real-time background augmenting features into your browser-based app
Web AR Features

Web AR Features

  • Face Detection & Tracking. Supports application of multiple AR assets on more than one face
  • Hair Segmentation. Alter hair colours without missing a single strand of hair
  • Lips Segmentation. Increase consumer conversion rates with both matt and glossy lipstick textures
  • Background Segmentation. Seamlessly alter, blur and animate backgrounds
  • Popular Browser Support. Increase market reach with support for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

    Web browsers support: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Application Fields

Create your Web AR applications for various fields. Overlay 3D objects, face mesh masks, or beauty effects letting users enjoy browser-based AR experiences.

  • Education

    Engage and inspire students with educational AR assets.

  • Video Conferencing

    Communicate more engagingly with AR features during both work meetings and social calls.

  • Live Streaming

    Bring immersion to web-based live streaming with face filters, background enhancements, and beautification features.

  • Games

    Take player immersion to the next level with AR assets that encourage social interactions.

  • E-Commerce

    Drive product discovery and boost sales with virtual try-ons, integrated onto your store with just a few lines of code.

  • Advertising

    Turn your campaigns into immersive WebAR experiences. Make them more engaging & accessible through no-app augmented reality.

  • Photo Booth

    Build interactive photo booth experience with real-time webcam AR video processing & photo capturing.

  • Photo & Video Editors

    Integrate beautification, filtering & background animation into your web editors to let users enhance their photos & videos with only a click.

Why Web AR SDK

Why Web AR SDK

Our Web AR framework runs on HTML5, Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac systems. For a truly immersive cross-platform no-app AR experience.

  • Works without the need to install an app
  • Real-time face tracking optimised for mobile browsers
  • Rapid integration via JavaScript
  • Robust privacy measures with no user data collection required
  • Enables frictionless user onboarding
  •  Supported by an extensive catalog of ready-made WebAR assets
  •  Full compatibility with web content standards that support 2D and 3D, including HTML and WebGL
  • Web AR SDK is integrated on the front site of the web application and executed on the user browser. It runs in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox on any device, no app required. Users need just enable the web camera.

  • Yes, users can experience your Web AR content in real-time and via photo.

  • Yes, our Web AR filters and backgrounds can be used together with Agora video call and streaming services. Please, see the integration sample.

  • Yes, you can integrate our Web AR frameworks into most popular e-commerce platforms like Adobe Magento Ecommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and others. The integration is done via JavaScript code.

  • To understand how our Web AR framework works and check the documentation integration samples, please visit

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