TINT Virtual<br>Try-On Platform

TINT Virtual
Try-On Platform

Boost sales, decrease returns, and improve engagement
with a try-before-you-buy platform and
an AI recommendations engine.

Virtual Try-On Technology

The try-before-you-buy feature is a necessity, not a frivolity. Companies in the Beauty, Jewelry, Eyewear, and other domains adopt it en masse. Those who don’t are bound to get surpassed by their competitors.


For gaining access to the largest target audience, look no further than TINT – the platform optimized for maximum accessibility. Empowered with AI face analysis and personalized recommendations, it will give your customers the experience they deserve.

TINT is accessible across various platforms including web, mobile, and in-store devices.



Let users see the long-term effects of skincare products. The AI predicts the results based on the millions of other cases and adjusts the customer's face accordingly.


This software adapts to lighting and allows for lifelike representation of your products. It lets customers see eyewear from different angles and test everything from the comfort of their own homes. 

Colored contacts


Recolor iris, sclera, and pupil separately, or together. Realistically simulate interactions between the user's natural eye color and the lens for maximum fidelity.

Hair color


TINT supports the try-on of both natural shades and wild neon colors. In addition, the user can color different strands of hair differently or use a gradient dye.



From tiara to fedora and everything in between. The items look realistic, as TINT transfers their texture, renders lifelike shadows, and supports lighting interactions. 


Realistic rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other accessories. All products react to light and gravity like the physical ones would, so that the customer gets brick-and-mortar shopping experience wherever they are.



TINT allows trying on rings on any finger and thumb. The size is chosen automatically, and the looks are near-indistinguishable from the real items.

Nail polish


TINT supports both matte and glossy polishes, with realistic color representation and the ability to put a different shade on each finger. The try-on is fully 3D, so that your customer can evaluate the products just like in reality.

A demo is worth a thousand words

Why Banuba Virtual Try-On Solution

Increase engagement

Virtual makeover isn't just commercially viable – it is fun. People will spend hours in it

Decrease refund rate

Give the buyers what they want so they will keep the products they purchased

Fast Integration

A simple process and a dedicated customer success manager to help you

Lifetime support

Free updates and improvements to Banuba SDK for as long as you remain with us

Banuba Studio

Banuba Studio

A versatile tool for DIY digitizing of products from glTF files and making effects from scratch. It applies physics and lighting, lets you add roughness and metal glint, and contains templates for faster work. 


  • Digital makeup
  • Glasses
  • Headwear
  • Jewelry
  • Color filters
  • AR masks
  • Background & foreground

Trusted by 100+ world's leading brands

If you don’t have virtual try-on you are lagging behind. Tint keeps us one step ahead instead.

E-Commerce Director

Tint helped us roll out a working solution in mere days. And the try-on and recommendation engine are cutting edge.

Senior marketing manager

The main reason we implemented Tint was the high quality of the try-on. People want to use it over and over again.

Regional Sales Manager
  • Virtual makeover solutions from Banuba are available on Web, Android, iOS, desktop, and smart mirrors.
  • You can check out all Banuba SDK features, from AR masks and virtual backgrounds to hand tracking for free. The trial lasts 14 days. Just send us a message to receive the archive with the SDK and your unique trial token.
  • You can do it yourself using specialized tools, like Banuba Studio (Guidelines). Alternatively, you can ask us to digitize your collection for you. In the case of cosmetics, an entire new line could be processed in 48 hours.
  • Yes, Banuba SDK can be used as a foundation for this software. It works with makeup, eyewear, headwear, jewelry, and other accessories.
  • It is a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to cosmetics samples. It uses little electricity, doesn’t require packaging, and is infinitely reusable without any loss of quality. No physical product can do that.
  • There are many factors that affect software price: the type of software, the number of SKUs in it, the feature set, and so on. Contact us through the form below to get the pricing for Banuba SDK/TINT.

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