Banuba technology

Banuba technology

The Banuba facial detection and tracking technology is a unique product for mobile and web app developers. Its high performance is achieved due to:

Integrated 3D math model

Other solutions create filters by identifying 2D points on the face first, then applying nonlinear equations to create a 3D model of the head.

We establish a 3D model of the head directly, skipping the identification of 2D points. This makes the solution more accurate. The 3D math model (Face Kernel ™), developed by Banuba, reduces all possible transformations to a limited number of variables.

Datasets tuned to work perfectly with Banuba algorithms

For data sets, Banuba uses complementary systems. Semi-supervised metric learning and generative adversarial networks (GANs) work together. We use hand-crafted, hand-tuned code alongside compilers, harnessing human ability where necessary.

Our in-house math models cut the execution time on a smartphone, reduce the learning time for the algorithm, and allow for a larger data set improving the quality of the operation. Banuba uses a rather unconventional form of deep learning, mixing CNNs and different variations of Random Forests.

Optimization for Apple A9, A10, A11 CPUs and Android

We’ve developed unconventional types of neural network layers, tuned to specific architectures, namely Apple A9, A10, A11 CPUs and Android.

The Banuba AR SDK is supported even by constrained devices, providing effective and fast performance on 90% of smartphones.

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  • 3D face detection and tracking
  • 3D face analysis
  • Background subtraction

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