Face AR SDK Partner Program

Face AR SDK Partner Program

Augmented reality market is worth over $10 billion. Our partners and we have never been in a better position to succeed.

Demanded Technology

You can help businesses decrease time-to-market, drive engagement, raise sales, and diversify their products. Face AR SDK is used by companies in Social Networking, Retail, Marketing, Gaming, and other verticals, making it a flexible and popular product.

Vendor Support

You will get promotional materials, as well as extensive marketing, sales, and tech support so that no problem fazes you and no opportunity escapes you. An affiliate partner is a valued partner.

Top-Notch Product

Being our affiliate partner means working with a product that is trusted by global brands like Gucci and Meta as well as a host of mid-sized businesses around the world. Your clients will be happy you recommended us.

Benefits and Stats


Max Decrease in Time-to-Market


Mobile Phones Supported


Ready-Made Filters Available


Feature Launches per Month

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Affiliates & Resellers

You want to make money by directly or indirectly selling Face AR SDK:

  • • Earn by selling a top-quality product
  • • Get extensive support from the development team
  • • Join the AR revolution and work with exciting new technologies

Technology Integrators

You want to solve your customers’ problems by using Face AR SDK:

  • • Partner up with a market leader in AR technology
  • • Improve your clients’ app metrics across the board
  • • Diversify income streams

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The main reason why we implemented the Banuba SDK is the high quality of the assets and filters. They make the users want to apply them during video chats.

Hyunjoon Park Engineering Manager at Bermuda

By integrating Banuba’s AR filters in Clash of Streamers, we were able to add an innovative twist to the mobile RPG ‘hero collector’ formula and let players create heroes based on their own likeness. On top of that, the fact that players can then also turn these heroes into NFTs makes for a very unique experience.

Reese Leysen CEO, The Naughty Cult Ltd.
  • Banuba Face AR SDK is a ready-made module that can place augmented reality filters on people, change backgrounds, add virtual makeup, touch up faces on camera, and do much more. It can be integrated into an existing app or a project in development so that the developers don’t have to make all these features from scratch.
  • Banuba Affiliate Partnership program allows you to resell Banuba Face AR SDK and get rewarded for it. Everyone wins: you earn money, Banuba gains more sales, and the end users get a great product.
  • A legal adult or a business entity with an interest in augmented reality and a desire to do well by doing good.

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