AI AutoCut for Mobile Apps

Let your users create video content easily. Boost session length and retention. No templates required.

AutoCut Video Feature For Apps like TikTok

Making exciting viral videos should be simple and accessible. Banuba’s AutoCut uses AI to combine different clips, add effects, and insert music with a few clicks. The user only needs to select the right inputs.

How it works

How it works

  • User selects videos
  • AutoCut processes the content
  • User can edit the finished video 
  • The results are exported

  • More user-generated content
    With AutoCut, anyone can be a content maker. The system is intelligent enough to combine the fitting elements of separate videos and apply the most impressive effects. As a result, even people who are unfamiliar with editing can create something new and exciting.
  • More active users
    The availability of diverse and interesting content will keep users coming back to your app. Moreover, higher viewer counts will motivate creators to release more videos, launching a self-reinforcing loop. 
  • Easy integration
    Whether your app is a dedicated photo/video editing kit, a social media, or something else entirely, Banuba’s AutoCut is easy to add to it. Integration takes a few hours, sometimes even minutes.
Why Banuba

Why Banuba

– Rapid integration
– Many extra features available: trimming, virtual backgrounds, autocaptions, picture-in-picture, etc.
– Supports native technologies, React Native, Flutter
– Documentation and support available
– 7-years as a market leader in Augmented Reality development

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