Can I create my own social media platform?

Yes! With the wide array of tools and technologies available today, making your own social media app is not as complicated as it seems. Let’s take a look at key points to consider when creating a social media app of your own.

Start by evaluating your financial possibilities and defining the kind of platform you want to make. Once you settle on the features you want your app to have, you need to decide on the revenue model (whether your app will feature a premium version, a subscription model, or in-app purchases). After you design the business and promotion strategy, you can start the development itself.

There are multiple development options available to fit any budget. You can hire an in-house development team, outsource the coding to a specialized company, or integrate a software development kit like Banuba’s Video Editor SDK – it is the ultimate solution for mobile platforms. It allows developers to create a video-centered app with both basic features (video uploading, trimming, etc.) and advanced functionalities. Try Banuba’s solutions for free for 14 days to see which works best for you, and read more about creating your own social media platform in Banuba's blog.