Make Videos for eCommerce

Make Videos for eCommerce

Create scroll-stopping product videos, impressive reviews, and high-impact explainers for your eCommerce business. Available on web and mobile platforms.

What Banuba Video Editor Gives You

Interactive Videos

Engage your clients with interactive clips, where they can choose segments, click on objects to learn more about them, or move straight to purchase. Videos are not just for watching anymore.

Rich Asset Library

Access thousands of stock photos and videos to make sure your content is always interesting and unique. And using them costs you nothing.

How to Create a Video

  1. Choose the template that you like or start by uploading a video you’ve recorded.
  2. Cut your video and rearrange it in the way you want. Add effects for smoother transitions.
  3. Enhance the clip with filters, animations, AR masks, and other stunning visual effects.
  4. Export the video in the aspect ratio and resolution that you need.
Create eCommerce videos that sell today

  • Other Features
    • High-quality video & screen recording
    • Adding text to videos
    • Royalty-free music
    • Video compressor & converter
    • Video effects and transitions
    • Subtitles editing
    • Picture-in-picture (“duet mode”)
    • Background replacement (“green screen”)
    • Slideshow maker
    • Picture and GIF overlays
    • Zooming in video


Want feature-rich video editing API or SDK for your web service or mobile app? You’ve come to the right place.

  • Saves up to 50% development time
  • Can be integrated with your custom app in a day
  • Supports native technologies, Flutter, and React Native
  • All the abovementioned features in your mobile app
  • Integration with royalty-free music services
  • API version has fewer features but more room for customization

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth ten thousand. I have to make a lot of them for my eCommerce clients, and Banuba Video Editor was a huge help, both in terms of quality and the time I save. Couldn’t recommend it enough.

Max Walden Marketer

Banuba Video Editor is super user-friendly and gives a huge variety of templates and stock videos to choose from. And there are enough customization options to make your video unique even if a dozen other companies use the same template.

Helen Randieri Marketer

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