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Face AR technology

Face AR turns your camera into lifestyle companion and makes the impersonal personal – through the human face.

  • Animate day-to-day communication with filters, avatars and emojis
  • Empower AR-enabled mobile apps, games and social networking
  • Edit, smarten up and express users’ identity in selfies and stories
  • Let consumers virtually try on products and create targeted advertising
  • Help to democratise content creation

Our team

  • Dmitry Ogievich

    CEO and Co-founder

  • Vadim Nekhai

    Managing Director and Co-founder

  • Anton Liskevich


  • Alexei Sokolskii

    CTO and Co-founder

  • Yan Holub

    Financial Director

  • Alexey Shantora

    General Counsel

What’s the vision for Banuba?

We believe seamlessness and simplicity is the future of communication and want to produce software that is intuitive, compelling and simple to use. Banuba’s video technology bridges the gap between ordinary people and professional Instagram and YouTube content creators.

Augmented reality allows the creation of a very personalised experience. It’s fun and engaging. It's a great way to attract the younger audience’s attention and immerse them into your story.

– Vadim Nekhai, Managing Director at Banuba

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  • Dating News

    Dating News

    Banuba is shaking up the mobile space by offering augmented reality video tools that give users more interactive and personal ways to express themselves.

  • Entrepreneur


    Augmented reality merges the real surroundings with virtual elements, bringing the real world and real humans back to the communication. Think of video calls: for example, a face beautification technology developed at Banuba allows to read, analyze and visually smooth user's anthropometric data and mimics.

  • VentureBeat


    Banuba, a startup born in Belarus but operating worldwide from its Hong Kong and Cyprus offices, recently developed an AR mobile software development kit for app developers and publishers worldwide. To a large extent, this technology relies on AI algorithms to recognize people’s faces and bodies; understand their emotions, facial expressions, …

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