Video Editor SDK Partner Program

Video Editor SDK Partner Program

People consume over 3 billion hours of video content every day. There is a demand for quality video editing, and you can give businesses the tools for it.


A wide variety of features and effects packed in a single easy-to-integrate module. Trimming, sound editing, picture-in-picture mode, and plenty of filters and overlays to choose from.

Vendor Support

Presentations, technical advice, sales support — you will get everything you need to succeed. Our resources work for you and our staff has your back.

Effective Solution

Video Editor SDK has a proven track record in delivering great results for companies that implemented it. People will thank you for recommending it

Benefits and Stats


Decrease in Development Time


QHD Support

100M +



Effects Available

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Affiliates & Resellers

You plan to refer Banuba Video Editor SDK to people or resell it.

  • • Premium-level product that will impress your clients
  • • Advice and consulting from marketing, sales, and development teams
  • • Lots of potential clients: startupers, social networks, streaming app developers, and more.

Technology Integrators

You want to help people integrate Banuba Video Editor SDK

  • • Become affiliated with a top AR company
  • • Drive meaningful results for your customers
  • • Gain a reliable new income stream

With Banuba Video Editor SDK we can cut our development effort in half so we can focus more on core business functionality.

Ash Zarif CTO, Weat

The rise of Chingari App has a direct correlation with the advanced tools that we offer and the seamless creation experience that Chingari App provides. We provide excellent video and audio editing tools to our content creators and empower them with the best Indianised filters for visual effect.

Sumit Ghosh CEO of Chingari App on IndiaTVnews
  • Banuba Video Editor SDK is an all-in-one video editing suite that can be integrated with an app and save the developers time in developing this functionality from the ground up. It contains both core video editing tools and a slew of high-quality effects
  • This is a form of partnership that allows you to get paid for getting people interested in our products. It is available for Video Editor SDK, Face AR SDK, Whoosh video conferencing app, and Tint —a guided virtual cosmetics try-on
  • The program is open for anyone 18 years of age or older, as well as business entities. If you are interested in augmented reality and video editing, go ahead and join us.

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