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What is Unity Face Tracking Plugin?

Unity Face Tracking Plugin allows developers to create cross-platform apps in Unity with custom Snapchat-like lenses, animated effects, face filters and 3D masks.

The plugin is a deep learning Unity face detection and tracking solution trained to recognize the presence of the human face in the camera in real-time. It locates 86 tracking points to map AR features on the face. Our Unity AR face tracking is optimized to perform stably with different lighting conditions, skin colors, face occlusion, and glasses, enabling realistic face filters and virtual try on experiences.

The plugin is presented with Lite and Business versions which differ in the scope of features and support terms. Learn How do Lite and Business versions of Unity Face Tracking Plugin differ?

System Requirements:
  • Android: supports Android 5.1 and higher. Minimal Android SDK version - 21.
  • iOS: supports iPhone 5s and higher. Minimal OS version - iOS 10.0.
  • Web: WebAssembly support required.
  • MacOS
  • Windows

What apps you can build with Unity Face Tracking Plugin:

  • Cross-platform AR apps with face filters 
  • Unity games with AR masks
  • Realistic virtual-try on solutions for glasses, hats, accessories, jewelry
  • Real-time video chats with avatars and face filters
  • Entertainment apps with Snapchat-like lens
  • Utility or business apps with Face AR features

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