What features are included in the Main Kit?

The Main Kit enables a production-ready video editor in your app. It brings a convenient interface, easy controls, and a full stack of features for video capture and editing.

Video Recording

  • Recording 
  • Zoom, Timer, Flash, Switch
  • Hands-Free Mode
  • Slideshow
  • Camera effects: beautification, filters, LUTs, background remover, slowmo+rapid effects

Video Editing

  • Gallery / Camera roll
  • Trimming, Concatenation
  • Timeline
  • Rotate
  • Voice Recording
  • Slideshow
  • Export HD (1280x720, mp4), FHD (1920x1080, mp4)

Video Effects

  • Visual Effects (VFX) + time warp: 12 free filters included
  • LUT: 25 free LUTs included
  • Slowmo, Rapid
  • Voice Effects
  • Text Captions
  • Gifs

UX/UI layout

The video editor has a ready layout which saves your time on design and development. It’s organized in a way that lets users easily create, edit and post videos within one session. You can implement your app brand style in the visual look of the editor.

  • Convenient user flow
  • Customizable icons, text and fonts
  • Editing timelines for each effect