What features are charged separately?

The Added Value Features extend Face AR possibilities with neural networks trained to perform a specific task.

Live Portrait Backdrops

Improve privacy in video calls, animate backgrounds in live streaming apps and build the most immersive user experience.

  • Combine with face filters or touch up effect to add engagement.
  • Use separately without face tracking and minify the SDK size.

Hair Coloring

Let users change their hair color in real-time. For video calls or selfie editing apps. Users can experiment with their hair and share pics with friends.

  • Multiple colors, gradients and tones are allowed for utmost self-expression.

Eye Coloring

Users can recolor the iris for better self-expression and creating their own look.

Lips Coloring

Complement the makeup looks with a lipstick try on. Supports any color and varied textures — matt, glossy or glitter. Lipstick dynamically reacts to lighting creating a realistic shine effect.

Face Beautification Pro Pack

This pack is made for developers who create photo beauty editors. Features apply for photo processing with perfect accuracy and realism. Each feature is trained on a neural network that adjusts to the user skin color and achieves a natural beauty effect.

  • Skin smoothing. Beautifies skin like in professional photography.
  • Neck smoothing. Blurs the neck skin making it look younger.
  • Acne removal. Erases acne automatically or manually by tapping.
  • Eye bag removal. Automatically lightens the area under the eyes.
  • Bokeh effect. Blurs background in selfies like in Photoshop.
  • Hair strands painting. Creates a photo-realistic effect of hair highlights with multiple colors.