What data does Video Editor SDK collect?

Here's the full list of what we collect for analytics to keep improving the UX and product quality.

Some fields starting from 14 may not be collected, depending on the event type.

Fields 1-12 are collected by a BNBLicenceUtils library created by the Face AR module.

Fields 13 - 22 are collected to JSON file, the content and sending of which is regulated by the Video Editor code.

We're planning to provide access to fields 17 - 21, for our customers soon. 


Similar to other Banuba Face AR products, Video Editor SDK does not collect, store or access user personal data like user name, email address, sex, age or other sensitive data. 

We do not collect, store or access images and videos taken with the user camera. Our algorithms work offline, and video processing occurs on a user device. It means no user content or data are sent to our servers, therefore we have no access to it.

Please, check our SDK data collection and processing policy.