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What data do software usage analytics include?

We collect SDK usage analytics which includes the following data:
  • Client's SDK ID -  a uniquely generated value calculated with the hash function based on the client's IDFA and IDFV data.
  • Product ID  - the product identifier for your app. It includes the Bundle Identifier for iOS and the Name of the Product's package for Android that you fill in when publishing your app.
  • Product version - the release or version number of the Bundle for iOS and the version name of Product’s package for Android.

We process Product ID and Product version to see in which app/(-s) our software is used. This way we ensure that our software is used only in products agreed by SDK licence terms. 

  • User ID  - a unique identifier assigned to each user when the individual installs and launches your app. Our SDK doesn't track the original User ID assigned by Apple. Instead, we generate a new (anonymous) User ID based on IDFA and IDFV data. Within this process, the original User ID is erased immediately and automatically without being sent to our servers and the possibility of being restored.  

We process User ID to see the number of unique app users and manage billing terms in case your licence is based on app installs or MAU. 

  • OS version and Device name - Operation system name, its current version, device model and manufacturer. 

These data help us to track possible software errors and usage statistics. We process it to set our priority to feature development and technology optimization for most popular devices and platforms.

  • Product name  - the product identifier by which we track our software name used in clients’ apps, e.g. Face Filters SDK ( iOS SDK / Android SDK).
  • Banuba SDK version  - the product identifier by which we track our software version used in clients’ apps. 

We process these data to track our software adoption, timely updates, crash logs and other data related to our product performance.