What custom services do you provide?

We assist our clients in launching successful apps by offering our products and a range of professional services:

  1. SDK Customization: Our developers are skilled in tailoring our Face AR SDK features specifically for your application. 

  2. SDK Integration: In addition to customization, we offer dedicated support for integrating the Face AR SDK into your application, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation.

  3. POC (Proof of Concept) Features Development: Our team specializes in training neural networks for specific Face AR/AI tasks. We also focus on developing unique features that cater to your specific requirements.

  4. AR Asset Development: Our Art Team is adept at creating or modifying unique AR filters and assets that align with your conceptual vision.

  5. Project Mentoring: With a track record of developing over 10 Face AR apps, our Project Leads provide valuable insights and guidance to help you plan, launch, or scale your project effectively.