What code do you use?

80% of our code is built with C++ including the core components like Audio, Video player, Effect player, FRX recognizer and Renderer.

We also have the custom modules per different platforms e.g. iOS, Android that refer to the aspects of camera performance, OpenGL initialization, Renderer thread logic, video recording logic specific for each platform.

These platform modules allow developers to robustly and quickly enable the needed functionality for their apps with our SDK.

The list of core modules:

  • Recognizer - enables all FRX technologies, e.g. face tracking, eye detection and modification, lips segmentation, face modification, etc.
  • Renderer - enables the graphical image on the screen and defines its behaviour, e.g. triggers, shadows, tap-based control, etc.
  • Effect player - enables the interaction between Recognizer and Renderer for proper performance.
  • Audio player - enables sound effects i.e play background music.
  • Video player - enables video recording.
  • Voice changer - enables the modification of a user voice, e.g. change.

See more: https://docs.banuba.com/docs/overview/system_requirements