What is the Video Editor SDK size?

80 Mb Android, 86,3 Mb iOS

The average SDK size with all features makes 

  • Android: 80 Mb with all modules, 51 Mb without optional modules

  • iOS: 86,3 Mb with all modules, 32,9 Mb without optional modules

AR Masks

Face AR masks are subject to additional license for Banuba Face AR SDK. You can integrate them directly into the app or upload them using our AR Cloud.

  • In-app masks are downloaded with your app and can be used without an Internet connection. We provide a basic pack of masks which you can select from our catalogue.  Each mask adds a 2,5 MB average.  

AR Cloud keeps all the assets on the backend, so you can add many effects to your app without increasing its size. The masks will load when the user is connected to wi-fi.