iOS SDK size

In this article, we explain the size of the Video Editor SDK for each configuration

Minimal SDK size after compiling it and submitting to appstore is ±23 MB. It could be bigger if you use the following additional modules:

1. using Face AR SDK (module for face recognition and AR masks) + 38MB

2. Audiobrowser - Banuba music module +2MB. 

3. AR cloud - module for storing masks in cloud +1MB. 

4. Gallery SDK - module for picking file + 1MB


So with that, max SDK size in total will be about 60-65 MB (depedning on bitcode).

We recommend using bitcode, as it optimize not only the SDK size but your whole app size. However bitcode does not work with optional framewroks. This means that if you enable bitcode you can not turn off any of modules 1-4 listed above. 


Note that this size breakdown does not include Face AR masks. In average, one mask wight 2,5MB. So 10 masks add 25 MB to your app size. In order to save space, we recommend using AR cloud library, which allows storing masks on the server.