How to strip debug symbols on Android?

Each Banuba SDK package comes with a python script ``. This script will help you remove debug symbols.
How to use the script?

python3 --config=path/to/config.json --android=path/to/android/sdk -o=path/to/output/folder

`--config` - the path to configuration file with the description of Banuba SDK files defined by the client token. All other resources will be deleted.
`--android` - BNBEffectPlayer for Android folder location.
`-o` - an output folder location used to store the repacked SDK. If `-o` flag is missing the script will repack original files to the folders provided by `--ios`/`--android` flags.

Important: output folder must be outside the BNBEffectPlayer folder.

If after these operations you still have not lost the debug symbols, then try installing another, newer version of the NDK. Some versions of the NDK have bugs that prevent debug symbols from being removed and task ':app:stripReleaseDebugSymbols' fails.