How to reduce your app size?

Our SDK's average size is about 28mb including neural networks and architecture part for simulator support. The main reason why your app can be so big in size are effects.

For this reason you can face some issues with CPU, RAM overloading and device overheating. Moreover, App Store for example, can reject your app because of its size.

So, we highly recommend you to store effects on external server and load them from the first app launch. You can load them all or each separately by demand. We store our effects in the folder called “effects” and load them to BanubaSdk during the initialize method - BanubaSdkManager.initialize
In order to load effects from remote server as an option you can archive your current effect in .zip file and send to remote device by demand(for example with a “download” button pressed)
When a .zip file is loaded, it should be extracted and the effect(in our case “Unlucky Witch”) should be added to the ‘effects’ folder.

Moreover, now you can repack our SDK archive, please read about it in more details here: iOS and Android
Nevertheless, we have minimized SDK build, which you can get as well.