How to integrate SDK into my project? (iOS)

Our currently recommended method is integrating via cocoapods as a package manager, as it allows developers to skip many pain-points from our legacy method.

To integrate Banuba via Cocoapods, please:

  1. If you are unfamiliar with cocoapods, please see: Guide: Using Cocoapods
  2. Please see our Getting Started with Banuba on iOS document. 
  3. Visit one of our updated quickstart examples for cocoapods use: iOS-Swift, iOS-ObjectiveC and follow the steps outlined
  4. Ensure you have our must have modules loaded: BNBSdkCore, BNBEffectPlayer, BNBScripting.
  5. For additional modules, please see our Cocoapods repository

For our legacy installation method, please:

  1. Download the Face AR SDK iOS archive from the link provided to you via your trial signup email
  2. Follow our legacy installation getting started guide.