How to change Background image in the effect?

Follow the instructions:
  • First of all for background replacement you should create your own effect, how to do this you can find on our website here and to download an example of such an effect from here.
  • Then, please find config.js in our demo effect example folder
  • Open the file and find string Api.meshfxMsg("tex", 0, 0, "paper.png")
  • To change the background image in your project, add function to this string with the parameter, which is the name of texture from effect's folder, for example:function setBGTexture(name) {Api.meshfxmsg("tex", 0, 0, name);}
  • After that the function will be available from your project with the help of calling Effect.callJSMethod
In more details about meshfxmsg you can read here.
And more information about callJSMethod you can find here and here.
You can change background image for Beauty effect as well (API):
  • Place the textures into the effect's folder, it can be just images
  • Search for separate method located in 1441-1531 strings and called setBackgroundTexture - used for setting texture for background