How does the integration process work?

With the help of our team or by your own

AI Video Editor SDK is delivered as a set of modules represented as .aar for Android and .framework or .xcframework for iOS. You will receive SDK updates within our releases once per month.

Your integration (Free)

You can integrate our SDK using guides for iOS and Android. You can explore the main components of SDK and perform an initial evaluation of whether it fits the architecture and technology stack of your app.

You may use our SDK trial to understand whether Video Editor SDK fits the needs of your product. 

Banuba integration (Paid)

Our team provides a turnkey SDK integration service seamlessly adding all features to your app. We communicate all the requirements and manage the process from start to finish until your app is live. The professional integration reduces the business risks and speeds up a time to market. 


  • Guaranteed result
  • No business risks
  • Time and effort save
  • Launch within a couple of weeks
  • Debugging and bug fixing

Get in touch with us by filling a form on our website. Our sales managers will send you the SDK and trial token.