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How do Lite and Business versions differ?

Unity Face Tracking offers Lite and Business versions which differ in features and possibilities.


The Lite version of our Unity Face Tracking Plugin is presented on the Asset Store. It includes:

  • Single-face tracking
  • 6 face filters 
  • Post-purchase support
  • Free life-time updates and bug fixing of the purchased plugin

The Lite version is best-fit for individual developers and small teams who consider developing simple Face AR apps and games in Unity.


The Business version of Unity Face Tracking SDK is made for businesses and software teams who consider building feature-rich Face AR apps and projects in Unity and who want to quickly integrate professionally-designed AR masks. The Business version includes: 

  • Multi-face tracking
  • Background segmentation to remove and change backgrounds
  • 30 face filters for entertainment or virtual try-on per your choice 
  • Face filter design per your idea
  • Filter customization from our Catalogue featuring over 600 face filters 
  • Technical support 

+Coming Soon Features

  • Face Touch up to beautify uses 
  • Face Morph to change facial features in size 

Whichever version of Unity Face Tracking you choose:

  1. You can customize masks, upload your filters, enable with our Unity face tracking and launch cross-platform. 
  2. You get fast and stable face tracking with Unity support optimized for low-end devices and low battery consumption.
  3. We don’t limit your user outreach. Our Unity Face Tracking plugin has the broadest device coverage, starting with iPhone 5S, Android 5.1. 
  4. You choose an actively developing product which we plan to grow further adding more Face AR features.