How can I reduce application size by loading effects from external (online) storage?

Banuba SDK by default loads effects from local storage only.

If you want to reduce your application size and load effect from online storage, you should:

  • Create online storage and put all necessary effects there (better as zip archives);
  • Implement as a part of your application:
    • the logic to download effect,
    • extract effect to specified folder,
    • passed as a path to BanubaSDKManager.init() method (in the case of OffscreenEffectPlayer - UtilityManager (ios, Android), bnb::utility - desktop)

After that load effect regular way via loadEffect passing it name as an argument (folder name).


Alternatively you can use our AR Cloud service (paid) - by contacting your Banuba Sales Department Representative.

Or tying in your online storage to our AR Cloud API. This would entail ensuring your backend returns the effect via a link with the required .json format (contact your assigned Banuba Sales Department Representative or support for help.) and then providing this link to us.