How can I check SDK Neural Networks performance on each platform?

Please check the availability of the SDK features for each platform and their system requirements:

Our internal testing results show that Banuba SDK and all our neural networks perform best on top segment Android devices with high-performance CPUs, e.g. Snapdragon 845+, HiSilicon Kirin 980+, Samsung Exynos 9820+ and etc. The mid-end Android devices are able to run all of our 3D filters without any significant performance issues too.

For PC / Mac configurations our tests show similar numbers SDK features work without issue on i5, i7, i9 processors and comparable AMD models.

! For interest in specific applications and requirements, please contact our support team with details on your case so we can provide comment in detail

! Please always test the solution within your own environment to obtain the most accurate performance as it can and does influence results.