Face AR SDK: Data Collection


1. Why do you need data?

Banuba is doing everything it can to be ahead of the market. We are constantly looking for new trends and what our users love.

To analyze the preferences of our clients and to provide the best possible online experience, we need to look into the real usage of the effects that we supply. For this reason, we collect depersonalized data of End Users of our SDK's customers.

2. What data is collected?

Here is the full list of data being collected:

  1. timestamp — the time when the data packet has been sent.
  2. client_id — unique client identifier in our database.
  3. application_id — application identifier.
  4. application_version — the version of the application with inbuilt Banuba Face AR.
  5. user_id — the device's unique identifier.
  6. os_name — the name of the operating system that was used to send the packets.
  7. os_version —  operating system version.
  8. device_name — the name of the device that was used to send the packets (e.g. “iPhone 12”)
  9. banuba_sdk_product_name — the name of the product (Face AR SDK or other Banuba product).
  10. banuba_sdk_version — the version of the product.
  11. key_hash — checksum to verify the integrity of the received data.
  12. key — the event that triggered sending the packet.
  13. token — the type of token: trial or commercial.
  14. active_features — the list of features activated by current effect.
  15. neuronet_name — the name of the neuronet used by a feature (lips_nn, eyes_nn, etc).
  16. neuronet_performance_metrics — the time different neuronets took to complete processing.

This is a dynamic list because from time to time we add some new items to it. We always notify our customers of such changes on our release updates page. No personal information is collected.

3. How do you collect the data?

We receive the depersonalized data in batches.

4. Can I avoid data collection?

If your privacy policy prohibits data processing of your End Users by third parties, it is possible to refuse data processing of your End Users by Banuba. In this case, we will have to increase the contract quote respectively in order to cover the additional expenses for our research.

5. Do you use collected data to make automated decisions?

No, the information is intended for our human personnel to review and analyze.

6. Do you share this data with anyone?

Absolutely not. This data is for internal use only and is not shared with anyone else outside of Banuba.