Skin analyzer

Help women understand their skin type and choose products to suit their needs.

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Smart product choice

Most women can’t find the product they need quick enough when browsing the shelves and end up their shopping experience without a purchase. With the AI-powered skin analyzer you can assess the condition of the consumer’s skin and come up with personalized product recommendations automatically.

  • Increase conversions
  • Personalize offers
  • Improve customer service
  • Engage a younger demographic

How it works

  • 1

    Snap a selfie

    Snap a selfie
  • 2

    Analyze the face with AI models

    Analyze the face
  • 3

    Get skin report

    Get skin report
  • 4

    Tailor product offerings

    Tailor product offerings

Real-time analysis

Based on a selfie or live video, our face detection technology recognizes a face in real time. AI models analyze consumer’s skin type and detect different skin conditions.

Tailored offers

You can spot problematic areas, signs of ageing and overall skin health. That data allows you to offer appropriate products for a particular age, gender and unique needs.


  • Detect spots, wrinkles, texture, and dark circles
    Detect spots, wrinkles, texture, and dark circles
  • Estimate skin
    Estimate skin age and tone
  • Get skin report
    Get skin report & track progress
  • Make personalized product offers
    Make personalized product offers

Why us

The company you can trust

  • Consultancy


    Unlike a technology company, we approach you from the product side.

  • Fast & easy launch

    Fast & easy launch

    Support you all the way with personal PM manager.

  • Lifetime support

    Lifetime support

    As long as you are with us, we update our technology for you at no extra cost.

  • Customization


    With our technologies, we can build a unique product for your brand that better resonates with your audience.

  • R&D department

    R&D department

    We have an AI lab with developers, PhDs
    and data scientists who know how to
    build quality solutions.



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