Banuba for AR Advertising

Launch highly interactive AR Ad campaigns enabled with our FaceAR SDK — on your website, in mobile apps or photo booths. Snapchat-like AR filters feature your brand and your consumer in real time! The result? Augmented reality advertising campaigns doomed to go viral.

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Boost brand awareness

Consumers are blind to ads. Engage them and make your brand stand out with innovative AR ad formats. Provide memorable experience across web and mobile that people will tell their friends about.


AR apps are hard to monetize as people now seek the real value behind AR gimmick. Offer it in your ads by displaying and selling products through selfie-based AR experience. Advertise in the most efficient, user-friendly and relevant way — one users will like.


77% of marketers find personalization both crucial and challenging to execute. Our technology allows for the improvement of ad efficiency by testing users’ feelings in real-time or targeting ads based on age or gender. No 3rd party software or private user data is needed — just the camera.

Engage millennials

More than 85% of millennials own smartphones. Reach out to younger generations on their devices in a way that works best for them. Feature users in your ads, create amazing scenarios, add fun — the camera can offer so many features that millennials will adore.

Pick solutions that work

Turn your ads into purchasing inspiration

  • Mobile

    Engage users with new ad formats that drive attention, response and actions.

    • Branded face filter
    • Virtual try on
    • Rewarded AR
    • Interior view
    • AR Portal
  • Engagement analytics

    Assess content by monitoring emotional responses in real-time. Create stories that matter.

    • Ads
    • Videos
    • Digital content
    • User experience
  • Video

    Embed ads in videos natively making advertising experience far more enjoyable.

    • Background
    • Billboard
    • Product
    • Object
    • Clothes
    • Surface
    • Logo
    • Discount
    • Banner
    • Price
    • Slogan
    • Website
  • Outdoor

    Turn static objects into magic immersive experiences to boost brand awareness.

    • Billboard
    • Booth
    • Bus shelter
    • Transport
    • Public places
Pick solutions that work

For brands and developers

Drive revenue through immersion and personalization

  • Raise awareness

    Get your message right to your audience in a new format that immerses and connects.

  • Engage

    Turn your audience from listeners into doers and let them interact with your ad via camera.

  • Motivate purchases

    Get consumers excited about your offer and inspire the immediate actions through personalization.

  • Drive profit

    Monetize effectively with AR ad formats that feature user in the center of a brand experience.

  • Boost app metrics

    Improve your app value by offering your users ads that are funny and interesting to interact with.

  • Partner

    Explore partnership opportunities by offering unique monetization strategies that will result in mutual benefit.

Why us

The company you can trust

  • Consultancy


    Unlike a technology company, we approach you from the product side.

  • Fast & easy launch

    Fast & easy launch

    Support you all the way with personal PM manager.

  • Lifetime support

    Lifetime support

    As long as you are with us, we update our technology for you at no extra cost.

  • Customization


    With our technologies, we can build a unique product for your brand that better resonates with your audience.

  • R&D department

    R&D department

    We have an AI lab with developers, PhDs
    and data scientists who know how to
    build quality solutions.

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